>martin and melissa

>martin and melissa are a couple that come to work. theyre so in love. they’re also damn frikkin regular. on the dot, everyday, all the time, they come in together and leave together when they go home for lunch and they come back together and leave at the end of the day..together.

but martin is the perfect example of “the oppressed husband.” i mean, they’re incredibly romantic and all the two of them, but theres this constant vibe that melissa gives off..and it speaks “stay where you are, if you know whats good for you.” and martin quietly complies and stays mum and remains unassertive. yet, they’re always coochie-cooing and snuggling up every chance they get, and wherever martin goes, melissa follows close behind. they’re awdully nice to everyone else at work. polite and warm and very affectionate. they never stop to think before a warm how-are-you rub, or a i-missed-you cuddle after the weekend.

and really, they’re great as individuals, and they’re also nice to each other for the larger part. but i think all that is because of the tight hold melissa has on the reigns in their relationship. clearly, she calls the shots. martin cant even eat in peace, unless she looks over at his food and approves, or lets him eat it, without her forcing herself on his food. at group meetings shes always following him around, just in case he gets something she might miss out on. and when he is offered something, shes quick to butt in and take her share if she feels hes not worthy.

martin is quite the sedate, push-over. he takes all the shit melissa gives him, constantly throwing her weight around. he never stand up for himself. never complains. rarely protests. and yet, where one goes, the other follows close behind. he also has this VERY strange habit, when he naps (which he does an awful lot) its always with his legs in the air, and his privates exposed to the whole world. i dont know how he manages to stay comfortable in the weirdest of positions, with his legs in mid air and his family jewels etc for all to see. melissa really ought to tick him off about that. but she doesnt. when he’s napping, in his warm spot, she only cuddles up close to him and keeps him warm. like i said, they’re so in love.

im not even a big dog-lover. but i’ve grown to quite like this couple, that are a part of the team at work. someone said: only dogs know how to really love. i think its an animal thing, we’re not fortunate enough to feel in its purest form.

heres a picture: martins the brown one, as you can see his eyes are mellow and innocent. melissas the fire brand on the left.

12 thoughts on “>martin and melissa

  1. >a: you are quite a dog. eat so much, sleep so much, do funny things to show your lowe, like to be ruffled and all..LOLm: ya they get major nice food. lots of milk and also other expensive dog bikkis. and cake on birthdays!anonymous niyoo: HAHAHAHA niyooo you’re crazy da!


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