where am i?

im incredibly happy. its bloody hard to explain how or why. but i am. my body hurts the good nice stretced hurt. i had a good nice long rather productive and fun day.

but my mind is not in it. my mind is on a beach somewhere. had i been in college, i would be on the brink of christmas vacations. yes VACATIONS. something i will never have the priviledge of enjoying again. waah.

so this is lisa, pooja and i at auro beach..same time, last year. and mannnn im craving going back there again. id give just about anything to forget all this professional, adult life business. just to be lying on a beach, sea spray in my face, wind in my hair, the smell of drying fish and sea weed, the sound of the endless incessant waves, and the sand between my toes.

take me away..because right now id rather be on a beach than anywhere else.


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