>ironic dichotomy

>we're a generation thats moving forward and backward all at once.

we're a generation faced with so much choice. right from the things we
do, games we play, food and entertainment, career options, life
choices, thoughts and beliefs..we have so many choices..options to
scan and survey and make informed decisions.

never has there been a time when youth has had so much freedom to
choose for themselves, the things they deem right for themselves.
everything from what subjects to pursue, where to spend ones time,
what activities to invest energies in, whom to marry, how to live ones
life..i feel that we have just so much choice. and the incredible
opportunity to make that choice.

and yet, its a time when we cling to age old belief. tradition for the
sake of tradition. irrelevant ways of doing things, that may no longer
be appropriate, automatically get followed..because we're too afraid
to exercise that choice. we have the power to choose, yet we shy away
from choosing to think for ourselves.

we get trapped so easily, into doing things that may be tradition, but
nt necessarily the best suited option for us. in a time when we're
increasingly complex people, with so any options, diversified
interests and pursuits in life, a time when men and women alike chase
the same dreams, when people are so quick to realise their self worth
and independence, isnt it about time we look at how we choose our life

its so ironic to see that as a generation thats faced with so much
"progression", we stall every now and then and digress, and backtrack
a little. for fear of making the choices that lie ahead of us.

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