>two down, and many many more to go..

>2 years ago on this very day, i was in a frenzy, the centre of every ones attention, and flitting around my home meeting every one of what felt like a gazillion people that were in my home. the plan for the rest of the day was to have a mid morning brunch with everyone, pack the last of my things and leave for the hotel by about 1. the woman who was to make me wear my sari in under a minute was to arrive at 1 30 and she would them do what was required to make me look my best.

later that day at around 4, i think, vc and i were to get married. which is to say, we were to be taken through a series of odd and intriguing rituals including funny hand-holding, pouring of various things inside and outside a fire, going round in circles a few times and stepping on tiny piles of rice.

it didnt end there. with just little over an hour to spare between our wedding and the reception, i had to change out of the bulky attire i was in, wear something “normal”, run down to the parlour, wash my hair, blow dry it, iron it poker straight, rush back up and wear yet another sari, some more jewelry, and make it back on stage in time. and i got hell for being five minutes late.

we then proceeded to smile aimlessly at the thousands (im not kidding) of people who swarmed in through the doors, pose mindlessly for pictures that we would later look at and think “who is that??”, and as in my case, feel faint from constantly having the videographers light in your face, actually almost pass out, curse that my wonderful 3-day wedding had to culminate in this, and then finally somewhere past midnight, get off the stage and off my 4 inch heels, eat dinner and finally chill with friends.

that was just the beginning though. of 365 + 365 (so far) days of being married. in the time that ensued, vc and i proceeded to really have a blast. in the first year we travelled like never before, almost seeing a new place every month. plenty of road trips, plenty of discovering new places, plenty of photography and a cartload of photographs and memories to go with it.

before we knew it 365 days had passed. and i found myself fixing vc a grand surprise to celebrate the day.

the next year began with talks of moving to goa. the process of finalizing it took about 4 months, so by the time we moved it was february. the rest as they say, is history, because iv blogged myself silly about what life is like here in goa.

to cut the story reeeeally short, would be to say the 2nd year has been just as adventurous and interesting as the first, though in a very different way. while year 1 was all about discovering things about each other and oneself, year 2 was also kind of like really starting over. living on our own somehow felt like we were remarried and starting from scratch.

vc and i celebrate our 2nd anniversary today. well not really “celebrate”, but mark perhaps. mostly because while the excitement remains, the novelty has worn off. and also because vc has chosen to dedicate his life and soul to his workplace. which means the office and his team mates see more of him than i do.

i did however begin the fun last night, with a chocolate truffle cake that i had to sneak in. and he, a gigantic bouquet of red and yellow roses that he had to sneak in. tonight i plan to cook something different. open up a bottle of wine for me, and beer for him. and enjoy the evening at home.

they say time flies faster when youre having a good time. i guess thats the only way to explain how these past two years have just zipped by. personally, i cant believe its been that long. it still feels like we just got married a few months ago.

happy anniversary vc :) i know its not easy being married to me, but i think you do a pretty darn good job of it!

18 thoughts on “>two down, and many many more to go..

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  9. >:D! that was the nicest post i have read in a reeealllyyy LOOONGGG time! happy anniversary rere! ill never forget those 3days of life EVER!! was such an insane experience, hheheheeehBIg big hug! lovexxx


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