>To my baby sister, whos not so baby anymore..

21 years ago, on this very day, you came into my life as a younger sibling. The kind I thought I wanted, and had begged amma and anna for. Soon after though, I changed my mind..haha! Because you were adorably beautiful, with perfectly round cheeks, chubby stumpy limbs, almond eyes and wispy hair that curled out at the sides. Let’s not forget the weirdly pointed ears that had us convinced you were a descendent of Mr. Spock. And you were suddenly the centre of everyones attention! Of course the performer/attention grabber in me had to be miffed about it! I did various silly, yet hilarious in retrospect, things to gain my position back. But I don’t think I could compare. You were the best thing that had happened in a while. 5 and a half years to be precise. The best thing since me, that is. Haha!

It would be crazy to try and go over all the memories we have shared in the 21 years of your life. It would be an understatement to say that you have impacted my life in more ways than you would ever know. Every incident: the happy times the sad times, the highs, the lows, the sibling rivalry, the camaraderie, the special bond, the madness, the serious talks, the lessons learned..everything is an indelible part of my life. I think I can safely you are the single person with whom I share the most number of memories with.

All that banter aside, this is a message to you, that carries with it many many many big hugs and kisses with it.

The 21 years that have passed have seen you and me both grow in separate ways, and I have watched you become a happy, carefree, in-love-with-everything-you-can-sense, artistic, hugely creative, bold, hedonistic champ. I have seen the brave side of you in all the bold decisions you have taken in life – some things that even I couldn’t get myself to do. I have seen a caring human being, who so easily shifts roles from being a friend, a sister, a clown, a daughter, a grown up and grand daughter too. In you I have also seen a caring side that I know even I don’t have. I feel, and sometimes don’t act. But I have seen that impeccable quality in you to act, every time you feel something.

In you I have seen a quiet maturity and a grown-beyond-your-year kind of quality that reflects in the way you are and everything you do. I love how you straddle the new with everything precious from the old. Whether its your choice in music, or your attitude to tradition, in the way you dress and in your attention to detail. Im so proud of the adult I have seen you become. Taking life’s lows in your stride and letting the highs push you higher. So as you step into the next phase of your life, I want nothing but the best for you, even better than anything I could ever have experienced myself. The best opportunities, the best friends, the best men, the best experiences, the best food art and movies, the best travels, the best lessons, the best of love joy and hope and the best and most fulfilling life possible.

21 is a big number, but like someone said, this is just the beginning.
And I know you’ll go places.
I love you goof! You’ll always be my baby sister!

6 thoughts on “>To my baby sister, whos not so baby anymore..

  1. >nil: so glad you think so :Paparna: give her a nudge, im sure she'd oblige!disguise: im not on fb any more, or i would have. if and when i get back on it, il let you know..how can i find you?


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