>delight to my eyes

>i love goa. i do. so much.

except for times when i have to wait 20 minutes in a medical store only to be told that only 1 out of 2 items on my list is available, and the one item that is handed to me is wrong.

and when the weirdo neighbour shuts her door at the slightest sign of my presence.

and when im driving at night enjoying myself, only to be blinded by the oncoming onslaught of high-beams. yes, EVERYBODY likes to drive with their brights on.

and when im cribbing about the occasional power cut. and the slow internet speeds. and the lack of customer assistance when you have a problem with either.

and when im driving around in circles trying to find things that i would find just around the corner in bangalore.

and when the idiot grocery store guy doesnt give me what i want simply because hes not in the mood.

and when i need something in the middle of the afternoon, or past 9 pm, but theres no way i can get it because panjim is asleep.

and when i realize i cant get a decent nice haircut without looking like someone pecked the hair off my head.

despite all that and more, i love goa. dont get me wrong. i do too. so much.

i love it for all the tiny restaurants and eateries, that dont have much of an ambience to speak of. yet serve amongst the tastiest food iv eaten here.

and i love it for the greenery right outside my window.

and i love it for the still-not-too-crowded roads and for being able to get anywhere in panjim in not more than 15-20 minutes.

and i love it for the openness, for being 7 minutes from the sea, and for the fresh air.

but most of all, i love it for the mighty watercolor clouds, insane sunsets and fresh clean skies that take my breath away..again..

and again..

and again..

and again..

and again..

and again..


10 thoughts on “>delight to my eyes

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  2. >Agree on all those points (about Goa)Maybe this is one of the reasons why it is not developing as it should as a tourist spot. But then on the flip side one can say that it is a blessing in disguise.

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