>day 2 pondering

>Day 2 is done. Yes, Im lost. Yes, Im confused. Yes, Im still clueless about where I am and how to get around. But I havent lost heart as yet. I guess thats an improvement.

Its too soon to say if Im enjoying myself or not. But heres a SWAT analysis of sorts..
The goods:
– Its nice to be out of the house
– Its nice to interact with people
– Its nice to have a sense of purpose, professionally

The not so good:
– I think Iv forgotten how I picked things up fast
– I think too much
– Its hard to break the ice and into pre-existing cliques, even if I wanted to do that
– The fucked up routine which will take getting used to

The challenges:
– Waking up early enough to make sure Im out of the bathroom and into the kitchen at an optimum time
– Trying to stay afloat amidst the information overload and the expectations I perceive
– Figuring out the right way to ensure I get the run/work out to happen and the cooking back on track
– Dealing with a lack of time for myself and making the most of what I have at the end of the day

I suddenly feel short on time. Its odd to spend the larger part of the day at work and just a few hours at home before I go to bed. I miss my free-life. But it just the beginning, and this time Iv decided I wont be hard on myself about unimportant things, and sink my feet in slowly. Here’s to a new beginning, that I hope sees the light of day.

Im sleep-deprived, fuzzy in the head, yet hopeful :)


6 thoughts on “>day 2 pondering

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  2. >oh mY GOD. total action packed days ha.. i got tired sittin and reading your list!!! i like the bigg boss part he he he eh he :pbut as long as you have fun, its all ..what… FUN only :D so, that's great :)

  3. >i still make fun food. just very in a rush and very hurriedly! and i still listen to mad music and have my mental moments. in my head.. muhuhahahaha..but, you should come to goa!

  4. >yoo RE re.. we know how good you are at this and i hope you dont give and show that off too soon. coz before you know it they will drag you in.. :S! then then.. then… who will make fun food? who will be a happy chiller? whooo will listen to Beatles all morning and feel mental :)… heheh.. but have fun daa.. its cool.. xx

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