>2010, where did you go?

31 Dec

>its the last day of yet another year that has slipped away before i realized it. december was probably the fastest month for me, and i have wanted to say so much, but have had no time at all. i havent even done my customary end-of-year-retrospective-post, and it feels just wrong to know that i will probably only do it in the new year!

2010 has been life changing in many ways. it gave me my fair share of good time, bad times, challenges, highs, lows and everything in between. the only things i would change:
– 2011, please go a little slowly. so i can soak it all in and enjoy the ride while it lasts. for a year of so much change and happening in my life, i do have a sense that i would have liked some more time to enjoy it.
– 2011, dont spring too many surprises on me. im slow in adapting to change and i think iv had enough radical change for one year. i need some time now.
– 2011, please give me some definite direction. im done enjoying the joyride. i need a sign now.

no real resolutions this time. i tend to make so many resolutions along the course of the year anyway, that making one just for the end of 2010-beginning of 2011 seems futile. here’s to another fun-filled, healthy, rollercoaster of a year ahead hopefully.

im not big on the over-hyped NYE phenomenon, but i hope youre having yourselves a fun night to bring in the new year :) mine will be filled with BBQ experiments, food, drink, music and good company. just the way id like to remember the year thats gone by.


2 Responses to “>2010, where did you go?”


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