>glimpses of the weekend

>some weeks the week days can really claw through. the past week was one of them. it was painfully slow and tedious. and i for one, was glad when friday evening arrived. my weekends have become super precious. and i hang on to every moment and savour it like its never coming back. this weekend was spent cooking, cleaning, lazing and generally loving it. its funny..but the domesticity doesnt bother me one bit. i wonder where this side of me was hiding for 25 long years.

what did i do?

a lazy saturday
a home cooked lunch
the much needed afternooon siesta
new pieces of furniture to add to the home
chocolate fudge cookies, coffee and gossip
gin and tonic and the bigg boss finale
malai chicken marinades
a sunday morning filled with changing sheets, doing the laundry, tidying up and washing the dishes — FUN :)
skewers, hot coals, madly fanning embers and assembling lunch
malai chicken, fresh lettuce salad, dill and butter carrots, fresh bread toasted on the bbq, coke
more chocolate fudge cookies and chai
a lazy evening
got gifted a new book that i cant wait to start reading
dinner at the river front restaurant at the marriot — my first fancy meal in a while
a glass of rose
grilled snapper in butter garlic and basil — D.I.V.I.N.I.T.Y in a plate
conversations and stupidity
ice cream to cure the remnants of the flu — it works :S
sinking into bed, feeling oh so satisfied with the weekend gone by!


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