>the story so far..

>there’s been a lull around here in the recent past. a deep seated lethargy has sneaked its way into my blog-life. i dont know if i attribute it to long days spent in front of the computer that make me not want to look at a screen when im home, or a general unsettled feeling in life (that translates into an unsettled state of mind, which makes blogging difficult), or the pure and utter truth: there isnt anything blog worthy thats happening in my life at the moment.

yes, life goes on. ever since work began it has pretty much been a series of days at work, chores to be done when home, nights of slumber that always feel like they end too soon, and its back to the grind again. the cycle of days has shortened. and i often dont realize how one day has ended, another began, and so on, until the whole week has passed me by, without so much as a moment to think about anything to myself. i must confess that things havent really settled down fully at work. i havent found my rhythm, and havent gotten into the swing of things. which is to say, i havent reached that state of utopia were everything seems peachy and i can confidently say, i love what i do. however, there has been a glimmer of hope. several glimmers, actually. which lead me to believe that the potential for things to settle and fall into place is greater than i know.

and so i wait, with patience.

i realized this weekend, that i cannot let routine control life. i think its time to get life to control the routine.


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