>Unfinished business, and then some..

>The first month of the new year is about to come to an end. And my list of to-dos is still pending. Heck I haven’t even started making the list, let alone accomplishing things one by one. But maybe I can go easy on myself this one time, because its not entirely my doing. Its not my laziness and inertia. Its not my hectic schedule. Well its not only that alone. The past few weeks have been crazy busy. The days have passed almost as if in a whirlwind of time that I have just breezed through.

I haven’t started working out. I haven’t started cooking full throttle. I haven’t blogged as much as I wanted to. I haven’t sunk myself in my new book. I haven’t written as many letters as I would have liked to. I haven’t scoped my personal work like I promised myself I would.

But what I have done is:
1) Have a series of really long and busy days at work. Its picking up, Im almost afraid to admit. Because I have this nasty habit of giving things a nice good jinx just when the going is good.
2) Participated in the office cook out. Which I was convinced was some version of an organized and “pleasant” form of ragging. I was grouped with 3 boys who didn’t know a capsicum from an onion. So it was left to me and Ashish the faithful office chef to plan the meal, order the required ingredients and delegate efficiently so the job would be done in time to feed 50 hungry and ready-to-rag colleagues. Eventually it turned out to be a blast, with the boys pitching in enthusiastically and us preparing the entire meal ahead of time. With time on our hands, and enthu cutlets in our midst, we also put together a quick fruit salad! Bonus desserts, who doesn’t like those?
3) Travel to Bombay for Ajja’s 1st death anniversary, which we celebrated with a 3 day music/dance festival. Much music. One killer kathak recital by the man himself – Birju Maharaj. One awesome book on his life was released. And I came away rejuvenated.
4) Take an early morning flilght from Bombay to Bangalore for Dodda’s 13th day ceremonies. Yes, I lost my paternal granny 2 weeks ago and since I couldn’t make it in time for her funeral, I wanted to be there for the ceremonies. More family, more memories rushing back, lots of home food, and Bangalore – which always leaves me with mixed feelings.

So there. I was hoping I could spend my Saturday, the first free one in a while, blogging, reading and generally catching up with things I haven’t had any time to do. Instead, I cleaned up. Yes, my obsession is my own enemy in this respect. I ruin my time by choosing to clean up sometimes. But someone’s gotto do it!


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