>mistake became wrong, i say

>Have you ever been responsible for a mistake that has some pretty harsh outcomes? I have.

On Saturday, the husband decided he wanted to have a haircut. In preparation for the summer that is most definitely setting in, he wanted a close crop. But it is when he told me he wanted to do it himself, that I sat up and felt uncomfortable. Haircuts are not your everyday DIY thing, I tried to tell him. Theres a reason we pay good money and go to professionals – its because they know how its done. But of course he wouldn’t have any of that. He wanted to do it himself. And do it himself, he did.

So after neatly newspapering the area (at least some of my neat tendencies seem to be rubbing off on him. Score!), he was set. Razoring away, at the agreed upon “Number 5” calibration on his Philips shaver. Until he realized he couldn’t reach the back of his head. Of course, when you live alone with nobody else but your wife, you have just one person to call for help. So I was summoned. And in the most meticulous way possible, I managed to help him. At one point, I stopped to clean out the shaver. I dismantled the razor in an attempt to de-hair it. While I was absorbed in getting every last hair out, the easily-excitable-dimwit that is the husband, grabbed the shaver and decided to continue shaving. Without. The. Attachment. The attachment that ensures that you get an even Number 5 Shave all across.

But it was too late. And the husband had a bald strip running right down the middle of his head. And a neat Number 5 Shave all around it. It was rather pretty by itself. And I marvelled at how gadgets can do such things for a while, before both of us realized the crisis on hand.

After all the why-did-you-not-stop-mes and the are-you-trying-to-trick-mes and the O-M-Gs and the uncontrollable laughter had died down, I had the pleasure of saying I-told-you-so, and proudly declaring that shaving what was left of his “close crop” was the only way to salvage the situation. So here’s what we ended up with:

The baldie-fetish I once had, and that has gone dormant in recent times has suddenly awoken. After all, if a mistake can look this good, how can you not love it!


13 thoughts on “>mistake became wrong, i say

  1. >hehehehehe…haathi do you know G once tried to "trim his mustache ends equally " and had to shave off the whole thing…arent we just absolutely blessed to be married to such geniuses and oh VC has a child like appeal in this picture..compliments to him :)

  2. >haaaaaahahahahahahhahahahah! sheesh hAAThi this was epic! I want a hair cut tom the pixie style. I'm giving this procedure a thought ;)Btw, a very well captured photograph :-)

  3. >ahahahahaha!! Poor thing! But it's still a cute look, and will probably grow back super-fast. tell me, what on earth does 'MT' in MTVC stand for? In my head, it stands for something rather funny (and unfortunately appropriate) in these circumstances. So wanna check. :-)

  4. >bwahahahaha! Well, if the wife likes it — then all eeezz well! I can sympathise though, I too get bitten by the 'why use #5' bug when I go in for a haircut, and in a momentary act of bravado ask for the #1 attachment — which of course results in a really short crop.I don't mind short hair, so it normally turns out for the best !

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