>Why should we believe in Anna Hazare?

>Had I been in Delhi or in Bangalore, I would have been at the protest march in support of Anna Hazare. For so long now, Iv believed that what our country really needs is a revolution. A coming together of people, and standing up for what is right. FOr years Iv wondered how we have become so passive as a nation, getting excited in masses and hoardes only over cricket.

While I was over the moon last week, at around the same time, over India’s winning the World Cup, a part of me wondered why the nation only comes together, truly unites, over a game. A game that has way too much money pumped into it. A game that does nothing for our country, than glorify a few men who already have more fame, glory and money than they need. Nevertheless, I was exhilarated. I celebrated. Had I a flag and a big procession following me, I would have been out on the streets too.

Yesterday, with all the Anna Hazare news that was beamed out everywhere, across status messages, cause links, the news online, the newspapers…I really began to wonder what Anna Hazare must feel like. Physically feeble, mentally very strong, fasting away in some corner of the country at the age of 73, not necessarily knowing how many people are “with him”, as expressed online. By that I mean, we’re with him in spirit. It took an old and feeble Anna Hazare to take the first step and bring us together, and then we followed. In spirit. Not in true action of course. Yet, Im over the moon that the government has sat up and listened. They have been forced to bow down to people’s power. The way its meant to be in a democratic country like ours. I only wish we can keep it going.

Its good to know that we can stand up together as a nation, in matetrs other than just cricket. Of course thats just my view, tinged with pessimism. In my heart, Im happy. Im excited about the change. Here’s someone who’s put it way better than anyone I know has:

Why should I believe in Anna Hazare and the lokpal bill!

To all the pessimists.

From the India that was to the India that is – 64 years have gone past! What have we earned for ourselves? How have we changed? Does it make sense to brood over the past and comment in the present. I sincerely feel that we have no right to, or no need to. Start afresh. Now!

Realise that corruption did not set in one fine morning. Neither can it be weeded away one fine evening. The roots are deep. The ramifications deeper. The reasons many. The means multiple. We are today in an era, where corruption is just another sibling, but whom we wouldn’t want to acknowledge. We live with it. We are comfortable. We are guilty and we know it. I have bribed traffic policemen. I have bribed Govt. servants. Not because I wanted to, but because they wanted me to. Not again. I have changed. If you haven’t, begin. Now!

The question you need to ask is, do you deserve this? You do if you don’t believe in that one man. You do if you don’t act against corruption. You do if you don’t react against the corrupt. Now!

I consider myself to have matured overtime. I witnessed change. A change in phase. A change in outlook. A change in space. A change in time. 1999- I completed schooling without the internet. 2003 – I completed college without a mobile. A decade. The cocoon broke. I saw it metamorphise to a new world. A world of possiblities. A world of courage. How does it make a difference? It does – For the generation to come. The future of a new India. You have the moment with you. The onus. The responsiblity. Before the generation imbibes the wrong, set things right. Mould it. Now!

Don’t you believe that the end to corruption should start somewhere? Fight it for your mom who had to live with it. Scar it for your dad who could never attack it. Battle it for your younger brother before he thinks it is part of life. Frighten it for your little daughter who might bribe to escape a wrong. Kill it for the baby whose eyes kissed the first ray of light now. It’s a clarion call. Wake up. Now!

Be the silence, but don’t lose heart. Be the calm, but raise a storm within. Be the spark, but contain the flame. Be the hope, but symbolise the victor. A rupee less in bribe is your victory. Your parents’ victory. A country’s victory. Heroes and villains exist, but the ultimate victory is yours. Rattle the corrupt. May the tremors shake his cozy ground. Now!

The wounds might heal. Remember – The scars remain. Give it time. 2031. Twenty years. Not an exaggeration. The 40 year old officer would retire corrupt. Never mind! The 35 year old has the opportunity. The 30 year old has the belief. The 25 year old has the expectation. The 15 year old has the future. The 10 year old has trust. The 5 year old has potential. The unborn has hope. Remember – the change is you. Be the optimist. NOW!

(Dedicated to the youth of this country and all those who held my hand and walked me through the path of righteousness)

– Rejil

Rejil is a colleague and a good friend in Goa.


2 thoughts on “>Why should we believe in Anna Hazare?

  1. >absolutely right Abha, and we can only begin to shake off the cynicism and pessimism (beginning with me of course :)) when we believe, and we do it for something larger than ourselves. When we think about the future and the generations to come.

  2. >Wow nice! I cannot but agree with him completely, word to word! Right now what we Indians need is an attitude change for the better and make the better best in a focussed and responsible manner. Now that the govt has agreed for a joint committee, its just the first step to flushing out filth. Theres more to do as we are not fighting a foreign body, but our own corrupt people, its definitely going to be a herculean task to get the stolen money back. But then, just merely "hoping" will not do the magic…we will have to have a "belief" that its either now or never! :)

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