summer is SO here

>Despite last weeks surprise showers and thunder and lightning and crazy-assed winds, we’re back to suffering the sweltering heat.

Today for the first time in a long time, I felt oppressively hot. Like I couldnt breathe and I wanted to roam around everywhere in my skivvies. I guess its a good thing Im safely ensconced within the air-conditioned room in the office from Monday to Friday, so I escape this maddening furnace thats billowing outside. Because frankly, roaming around everywhere in my skivvies? I dont think the world is ready for that sight yet.

I couldnt bear to hang outside. Doing my weekly grocery/vegetable shopping was making me breathless and uncomfortable. Now Im safely back home, under the fan, enjoying my natural mango icecream in peace. Thank god for small mercies.


4 thoughts on “summer is SO here

  1. >How jealous I get when it strikes my head that ur in GOA. SHit that's supposed to be a holiday spot. The best holiday spot. And ur LIVE there. :P Hopeless, stuck in Bengal, the scorching heat, the fact that there isn't a beach within 300 km :P

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