another year gone by

>Recently, the husband made an observation about me. That I tend to worry about the future, and reminisce about the past, to an extent where I lose out on the present. I think what is true in that statement is that Im all about memories and bits and pieces of my past, that I hang on to tight. Much the same way there are bit and pieces that I imagine for the future. Im not so sure that it keeps me from losing out on the present, but thats the husbands feeling.

Today, Im swept over by emotion and nostalgia again. As the day nears, I cant help but feel a sense of extreme nostalgia about the same time last year. And I cant help but recollect what a blast it was stepping into the 27th year on a beach.

It also didnt help that FB decided to throw up the Goa 2010 album when I logged in today. So here I am, letting my emotions overflow here:


3 thoughts on “another year gone by

  1. >aww the pictures are so cute! :)i think it's a woman thing, we do tend to think a lot about the future ( worry ) and miss the past.. it's quite a pointless exercise really! specially if we lose out on Today.Life really is too short.. and by the time we realize that, it's a little late. I do this too.. it's human nature..– ((( *it's me – the one you just messaged on FB* ;) )))i WAS going to read all the posts I missed out on tonight, doing that slowly… I am a very slow reader na.Mwaah!!- D


  2. >Past and Future…a struggle or a boon? Many have told me a similar observation about me…but I too agree with you…I don't believe I forget the present and I love my memories ..just as much as I love imagining future…so I guess I am in the same boat as you are … :)Great to know that you enjoy the beach so much..I wish I could…I have sadly never been a beach person …inspite of being a Mumbaite (by birth).


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