simply breakfast

>I stumbled on this blog sometime last year, around the time I was cultivating this unnatural obsession for all things related to food. Food blogs featured HIGH on that list. I was quick to “follow” it and have always wanted to try photographing my breakfast. Except nothing I ever eat for breakfast looks half as gorgeous as even the simplest things she eats.

Until today!

Yup, these are the first mangoes I have tasted this season. Fresh, bright and colourful, I hope this gorgeous start to the day has some effect on the rest of the maddening day thats about to pan out.

In other news the birthday was celebrated rather uniquely this past weekend. It amazes me how ever progressive year I end up torn between wanting to “do something” and “behave my age and not celebrate”, and I always end up doing something that really surprises me. More on that soon.

The sister aka The Goof is scheduled to arrive sometime this weekend. And then begins another few weeks of complete magical mischief. I cant wait! It has been far too long. There will be cooking, there will be laughter till we pee, there will be photographs, there will be painting, there will be beer, there will be some BBQed prawns and there will be fun. Lots of it.

So while most of my life continues to be a landslide that I am constantly fighting against, I shall think about the yummy mangoes and the look forward to things to come. Because its good. Its ALL good :)


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