What last weekend didnt have that this weekend has

>1) Niyu’s back!

2) And with her arrival came a real reason to go back to the beach again. VC and I have gotten so caught up in life, that I realise that merely driving my the sea everyday on our way to work is refreshing enough. Unlike 1 year ago, when we’d drive out 20kms every weekend and spend half a day or more at the beach, swimming, drinking, reading, photographing. Going to the beach these days is reserved for those special times when we have people visiting, and Im glad we finally had reason to go. I managed to catch a swim in the sea and it was divine.

3) A lack of painting. I didnt get the time to get down and paint, even though I went to the beach all prepared to do so. The sea green waters were far more tempting, and once I was in the water, the cool waves that lapped over me, swaying me around was just too relaxing for me to get out and go paint. So i traded painting for some water therapy. Happily, so!

4) The return of the board games! Something about summer nights, and Niyu being here brings out the board game competitors in us. So we played a few rounds of Pictionary and Uno last night, with some friends who came over. Needless to say of course, the combination of varied drawing skills and our trusted friend Mr Jim Beam, ensured that we had an entertaining evening.

5) Lots of cooking! I dont feel too bad about not painting at all, because this weekend seems to be filled with cooking. I made an entire lunch yesterday, and we cooked up some herbed sausages later at night. Today, we’re embarking on yet another BBQ endeavour and Im all set to get with the flow of marinating all the chicken and fish Niyu and VC are out buying right now.

I think I need 5-day weekends, and a 2-day work week. My life would be so much more meaningful :)


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