>Work has officially drained me of all my writing capabilities this week, and the last. I feel like I just cant make the words come out and make sense any more. So Im going to leave it to pictures.

VC getting ready to settle under the umbrella, with a book

Niyu contemplating a swim, in stormy seas. The monsoons are approaching and the sea has gotten so weird.

VC and his new fav thing to do

Priya came to town!


Posers, sick of posing!

And then the board-games began! Uno, pictionary, whisky and wine.

And the next day, as cloudy skies gathered above us, we roamed around Panjim and Old Goa, shooting random examples of beautiful Goanness on a Sunday afternoon.


8 thoughts on “Sapped

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  2. >I liked your last comment about so much more to goa than 'silly old baga'. How about a post on what you would do if you had a couple of days in Goa?


  3. >Hello!I found your blog via The Mad Momma's blog and thought I'd say hello. We live in Panjim right opposite the Head Post Office. Where in Goa are you? I'm glad you're enjoying your stay here and I'm going to take a leaf out of your book (blog) and go do some proper Goan things soon (instead of staying glued to the laptop). Looking forward to reading more of your adventures!


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