Its Saturday…

After what feels like an eternity, its the weekend again. And Im overjoyed that Im home, I woke up at my own will, and I have nothing to do. Well nothing imperative anyway. Work can be done, when I please. But I shall leave it to just that — when I please.

On the list for this weekend is some much-needed organising of my second bedroom, which for the last year has been a store room/dumping spot for all things that dont have a dedicated place. And then I plan to complete the canvas I started last weekend and couldnt complete because of a power cut. And then mmaybe just for fun, I shall start another canvas. Or do another watercolor. Or maybe, just for fun, BOTH! And also, a huge stash of books arrived from flipkart (thanks to Karishma’s awesome gift voucher birthday gift! thank you!) so Im going to spend the weekend sinking into that. There will of course be some cooking, because frankly Iv been so uninspired this past week. What can you do when youre getting over your sisters leaving town, and youre swamped with work, and never seem to get home before the sun sets.

Also, there is this incredibly uncontrollable urge to bake today. Which of course will be controlled by the sheer fact that I have no oven here :S hah! But what I do plan to give myself this week is an Idli stand! So we can have rava idlis for breakfast tomorrow, straight out of the brand new 5.5 lt pressure cooker, that I waited a whole year to get!

In the meantime, here’s shenanigans from Niyu’s last weekend here:


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