Starting afresh

If there is one thing Im really bad at, its handling change. I have severe withdrawal symptoms when moving from something I am used to, something old warm and cozy, into something new. Something where I have to feel my way through and find my place. And this applies in al facets of my life. Whether it was moving cities, or changing jobs, to smaller trivial things like getting rid of my favourite night shirt, sleeping on the right side of the bed for a change, or even moving my blog from blogger to wordpress.

So why did I do it? Frankly, I dont know. It was an impulsive moment. We woke up this morning, bright and early, for a Sunday morning. And as I was running through my comments and my google reader, VC suddenly suggested that I move to someplace where I can track my readership through stats that will tell me whos reading my blog, form where and how often. Without sounding full of myself, I must admit that he last year has probably been the most active in terms of blogger-energy, and Iv made friends, acquaintances and several other connections by sheer virtue of how much I have ranted/shared/talked on and on and on about me myself and my life on my blog. And I had a flash, a flash in which I found myself dreaming of me and my blog becoming the next big thing, that might turn into a book someday.

Some readers have told me that part of my blog is book-worthy and that I must try and develop a distinct style of story-telling, which could be my own. Something I can carry through everything I have to share. Anyhoo, I think Im a long way from there, but this is probably step 1 of trying to be organanised and turning my blog into a story-telling space. Where Il share real stories of my life. Il try and rant less. Il try and be less vague. And actually share my thoughts, feelings, events and incidents in life.

Anyhoo, I digress. The point I was trying to make before I launched into this spiel of trying to justify the move, was that Im not good with change. Im not good with re-adjusting. Im not good with handling new-ness. I like things once the new shine has worn off, and the fit is snug and comfortable. I like the smell of old books, I like old clothes, I like worn-out shoes, I like hanging on to old pictures. And I was hanging on to the blog. which has been my closest friend for the last 5.5-6 years of my life. But I think a change was in order. For many reasons. And I think today was the time.

So after a whole day of fixing, unfixing, refixing, meddling, theme-ing, untheme-ing, re-themeing, cribbing, raving, ranting, complaining, discovering, learning and finally finding a basic bunch of settings to make me feel comfortable, here we are. We are rolling. And thats how I like it.

To new beginnings. New discoveries. New stories and sharing. New everythings. Just same old me.



15 thoughts on “Starting afresh

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  6. Pooja

    WOOT WOOT to changes and all things good in life!
    Since I’ve been reading blog from its conception, sending tons and tons of huggies!


  7. Wooohooo !! *cheers* to new beginnings


    hope you love the change

    it doesn’t matter if its blogger/wordpress.

    your reader like the blog because YOU write and it could be anywhere. The paper does not matter, the pen does not matter.. sometimes even the handwriting doesn’t matter. The content does :) And since it’s the same author, I love it :D



    1. Gee Thanks AK! And you mean you dont know how to blog and “tweet”..hehehehehe.. it doesnt take much. Just start, and the rest happens..

      Dip: thanks so much for the lovely shout of for support :)


  8. Arjun

    Congrats da! I still need to learn how to keep up to date with blogs. As technically savvy as I may claim to be, I still haven’t figured out how to blog and how to *ahem* twitter. But shhh! :)


  9. Change is difficult …and this comes from a person who has not studied in one institution for more than three years…I have taken atleast a year to get used to my surroundings …most of the time and before I know it ..I am moving again…but then at some point, I think I love it and now I crave for it …though I know I almost regret the minute I have changed…ok that was rambling on change…

    Congrats on your change…May you wish come true and hope your blog does becomes a book …

    You know, even I dream of me and my blog(though I am not as regular as you) but more than publishing …I imagining it making me famous like Julie of Julie and Julia.


    1. OMG! I have a julie-and-julia-esque dream too :) and thats whats fired me to get my cook blog going again too!
      Here’s to making dreams come true, Aparna!


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