Kaale ghata, geelli mitti

Hello pitter-patter, drenched earth, lush trees, wet grass world!

Is it wrong that today, on a Friday, the first morning after the rains, Im sitting at work, with not the slightest bit of inclination to get anything done?

I cant stop thinking about how last year at this very time, my life was so different. My days were filled not with project briefs and deadlines and project managers, but with numerous cups of chai, lots of reading, watching House (which I got hooked to at around the same time last season), blogging with a vengeance and getting the odd project done in between all of that. A bulk of my time was spent watching the rain come down, in complete wonder at how it really was every bit as brilliant as I was told it would be. The next time someone tells you the Goan Monsoon is to die for, believe that someone.

Right now there’s a hint of sunshine, but the drizzle continues. The breeze is fresh and the air, crisp. For the first time in months, we haven’t felt the need to turn on the AC at work. We’re sitting with the windows open and the gentlest monsoon wind wafting in. Im listening to the most amazing stash of trip-hop (yes, its my new-found obsession) and I have quickly decided it makes some amazing rain weather. For a few weeks now, its been everywhere: on my itunes playlist, in the car, while going to bed.

Last year at this time, I had no schedules. No agenda. Just all the time in the world to enjoy the view outside my balcony, and days ahead of me in which to do nothing really. It was during the last monsoon that I really developed my love to cook, whipping up some monsoon favourites: pots of hot sambar, dal dhokli, rajma-chawal, and I discovered my love for Hugh Laurie, and the best of them all: I enjoyed the feeling of hearing the nonstop din of the rain, hours on end, for days together. And I cant wait for it to really sink in this year too.

Yesterday was just the beginning. And while the temperatures have cooled down drastically, theres more where this came from. And I. Cannot. Wait.


3 thoughts on “Kaale ghata, geelli mitti

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  2. Babushka


    The rains have arrived here in Bangalore as well bringing along some absolutely gorgeous weather with them (minus the muck and what not for the time being) :)

    Good move on the shift, been planning this for a while myself. Keep writing!


  3. pooja

    ah! i went through the same yesterday..but to be honest for some strange reason im craving luru rains where all things turn cool….sigh!


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