Ringing out the mango season

Iv looked forward to this weekend like nothing else this week. Between feeling unproductive and bogged down with deadlines, and having the most gorgeous beginning to the monsoon, Iv been massively distracted this week. The clouds and the breeze and the view outside is a huge productivity killer at work. So when Friday was done and the weekend was a hairline away, I was beyond relieved and excited.

But that bubble burst and brought everything down with it, the minute I was told I had to come in to finish up some extra work. So out went my plans to change sheets, reorganise the second bedroom and spend the day chilling, reading and finishing up the canvas thats been lying unfinished for 2 weeks now. And in came in work. More work. But such is life, and we plod on. Swallowing anger, gritting our teeth and moving on.

What was meant to be a couple of hours of work, stretched into a whole day. And when I was headed home at 5 pm, I was furious. Furious that a glorious monsoony Saturday was wasted. And that it was not in my control to change. With every shower that came down I got antsier. To get out, chase the clouds, watch the rain and just be.

There’s only one of three things to fix a wretched day, in my books. Cook. Read/paint. Blog. So I decided to whips something up and blog about it, for extra measure. So I chopped up 6 juicy Goan mangoes. Sugary sweet. Whipped up some hung curd, with a dash of cream. Crushed up some digestive biscuits. And layered it all in a glass bowl. Comforting to make. Watch. And eat. Mango Parfait in all its glory.

So in true seasonal spirit, I said goodbye to the summer, and welcomed the rains, by ringing out the mango season. And thats how you fix a wretched Saturday spent at work.


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