Too gorgeous a day to waste away

We woke up really late, today, to more rain, more breeze, more grey skies and fresh air. Despite going to bed at 4 30 am, post much inebriation and shenanigans, we dragged ourselves out of bed, because it was too gorgeous a day to be wasted.

Waking up late, leads to late breakfast. Which was today consumed almost at lunch time. Which also meant that lunch was easily skippable.

We seemed to be in the mood to enjoy the weather, and there’s no better way to do that than to drive out. Far. Far. Away. Which is just what we did.

And we drove. Through crazy rains, that came and went, as we passed through stormy rain clouds. There is nothing sweeter than driving through sheets of rain coming lashing down at you, on an empty highway headed to South Goa, with paddy fields on either side and coconut trees along the horizon. If it werent for the heavy heavy rain, Id have better pictures to share.

We went all the way to Majorda. To the Alila Diwa Resort. Fancy, yet charming looking place, that. In all these months here, we realised we havent visited a real hotel. Its what happens when you decide to live in a place where the whole world comes to holiday. We’re either trying our luck at Panjim’s very limited stock of restaurants and eateries, or we find ourselves at a shack or in some fancy restaurant in the North. Nothing in between. This treat somehow seemed worth it. Or so we told ourselves, stuck between trying to make the most of a gorgeous Sunday, which involved fighting one of the heaviest hangovers of recent times, and trying to discover new places in much-unexplored Goa. (Im talking lots of punch + beer + various shots of unnamed noxious spirits. Im growing old faster than I would like to accept and a bi-annual binge of this sort doesnt do me much good, I have come to realise. But il leave that for a separate post).

I dont know if it was the general ambience and atmosphere of the wonderfully designed hotel, with its double height ceilings and long passages opening into the courtyard, or the view of the infinity pool rippled under the incessant rain, beyond which lay paddy fields and a peek-a-boo sea in the far distance, but the moment I walked in there I was in weekend heaven.

One Summer Quencher for me, 2 beers for the husband, a Caeser’s salad and mutton biryani, some conversation, lots of quiet together time later, it was clear we needed dessert. So we indulged and had what the waiter called the best dessert on the menu. A chocolate pudding, straight out of the oven. With a warm, baked outside and sinfully gooey fondant centre. Heaven on a plate, it was.

We sat around a whole longer, reading, and when we left we were satisfied in every way possible. Quietude, reading, food, drink, rain, good long drive. I couldnt think of a better way to have spent today.

And when VC beamed me a smile and said “I had fun today”, it only made it that much nicer for me.


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