When 2 just aint enough

The days are quickly turning to weeks and the weeks are whizzing by into months (it doesn’t feel like it, but its been 6 months since I started work). Something about this rather lethargic my-weekend-was-too-short-and-Im-not-ready-for-another-week-of-work kind of Monday, made it suddenly dawn on me, that no matter how awesome the workweek is nothing changes the fact that your weekend will always be precious.

Incident in question: last week at work. It was awesomely well planned, and therefore chilled out yet productive. If you thought it was impossible for that to happen simultaneously, think again. So the week was a breeze, and surprisingly Friday didn’t really have that regular TGIF relief.

But the weekend! And the sweetness about it. Waking up on a Saturday morning, to let the maid in, has a completely different feel, than a weekday when you’re rushing around between main door and loo with a towel wrapped around you precariously. Saturdays are about lazily lounging around in your boxers. Forever. Scrambled eggs. And if its pouring like it was this weekend, a few extra cups of chai. The husband takes turns to make them. Cooking up a storm of dal fry, bhindi and rice. Just the way its meant to be on rainy Saturdays. Cleaning up the laundry, reading, still in your boxers. Pampering yourself at the parlour for a good 2 hours. And then heading out to watch a movie if you’re up to it. And if you’re not, like we were, then you stay in, finish up leftovers and read. Warm. Cozy. Perfect.

Yet, one can never have too much of something good. 2 days of that just isn’t enough. And when Saturday and Sunday chug along making room for Monday, somehow everything just does come crashing back to reality. Like a rude shock.

Feeling satisfied at the end of a weekend, is impossible. One can never have enough. My weekend was relaxed, yet packed. If you know what that means. I cleaned, I cooked, I made souffle, I shopped, I pampered myself at the parlour, I went out to lunch. I caught a movie, I relaxed with friends, I played Pictionary, I smoked some smooth relaxing good stuff..and YET, i wanted more. I wonder if I will ever get to the end of a weekend and think, wow, Im ready for a new week.

If only we could have a 2 day workweek and a 5 day weekend. Do you think we’d be satisfied?


8 thoughts on “When 2 just aint enough

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  2. i hear you my girl, i hear you…you have infact described a dream weekend, you forgot the weekday laundry, the weekly shopping for vegetables n stuff, the important calls to be made, fixing the broken shower head !!

    life is such a demanding circus !! blahh


  3. Queen Sophie ;-)

    Let’s start the five-day weekend revolution. We can become union organisers! Nice blog, ya. Love the pose in your photo.


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