Life’s ironies

Another fairly decent weeks comes to a close. But whats more exciting is the weekend. Isnt it always, but this one is special. It marks an accomplishment for me. Another first-time-ever, that I have accomplished. More on that later, when Im less hyper, and more composed enough to actually put my thoughts together and let them flow in coherent sentences. Right now Im feeling rather hyper + stupid + wide awake at 2 13 am.

This is what happens when you drink 2 cappuccinos between 9 30 pm and 11 pm, so that you can stay awake for a late night movie that youre catching at Inox. You nod off, on and off, through the movie. Come out and think aaahh, now off to home and straight into bed. And just as you snuggle under the sheets and get cozy, you realise youre wide awake. The coffee has finally kicked in. Ah, well..


2 thoughts on “Life’s ironies

  1. HI…so sorry to hear that you have such an effect of caffeine on you….I am so glad that doesn’t happen to me…. :) …I am immune to it…probably because I am also addicted to it… :)


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