..or Thank God I Have A Loving Husband

This morning, while I woke up and convinced my body that going to work no matter how shitfaced you feel is the right thing to do, my mind had a different game plan. So somewhere between dragging myself out of the shower and into the kitchen to make breakfast, I found my way back into bed somehow and passed out. The husband was a little surprised when he got out of the shower, and convinced me that I should stay in (brownie point #1).

Exercising my will power to the max, I told myself I just needed a couple of hours of sleep and Id be good to go back to work. And so I snuggled into bed. Only to realise that I was now running a fever too and the thought of getting up to find medication and actually taking it was too taxing for my body that was rapidly dehydrating itself.

So I bbm the husband. “Are you terribly busy?” I ask.

“Not really, why?” he responds.

“Im feverish and feeling too weak to get myself meds and food to go with it. Do you think you could come by? But only if you’re free. Dont bother otherwise,” I say, still telling myself I can manage and the worsening symptoms are just a figment of my imagination.

20 minutes later, the husband is home. Disprin in one hand. Butter in the other. Yes, he remembered that we were out of butter (brownie point #2)!

Quickly whipping up some toast and bringing it to me in bed, along with my tablets and some water, he rushed back into the kitchen, which I only later realise was to clean up the kitchen, replace toaster back in its slot and leave the counter crumb free, just the way I like it. (Tell me that calls for brownie point #3,4,5 and 6?)

I take the medication, assure him I will get some sleep and off he goes back to work. Bless his soul. A few hours later, he sends in a mass email to my team with a brilliant idea for one of the clients I work on. I respond to his email promptly, sharing my idea on his idea.

He quickly shoots off a response: “Yes yes. Even better. But u go sleep da.. u need it.” (More brownie points. Lots of them.)

And I cant, for the life of me, figure out what I did to deserve such kindness. When the whole reason Im shitfaced and sick is all my doing. The lengths he goes to, the things he does, the way he is. Always surprising me. All I can do is TGIHALH.


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