Missing the Crazies

Distance is a funny thing. It widens gaps, yet it brings you closer. Sometimes even closer than when you were together, you know what I mean?

These are the Crazies. Mi familia. My very own. Its been close to a whole year since they visited me in Goa. But I went to Bangalore early this year and its been about 7 months since I saw my mom and dad, over a month since I saw my sister. I woke up this morning with that horrible feeling of incompleteness. And I knew instantly what it was: I miss the Crazies. I crave having them around all the time, the giddy happiness that comes with it, every ones very own quirks and idiosyncrasies. And how we just manage and live with it, loving them for what they are.

This was taken on an evening of utter Craziness. Camera on self-timer. In a fancy hotel room in Bentota, Sri Lanka. June, 2007. Perfectly embodies the fun that we have when we’re together.

With Amma all the way in the US at the moment, the gap just widened. And like I said before, somehow that only makes you feel closer. So close, yet so far. Makes me want to melt away…


6 thoughts on “Missing the Crazies

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