Of being in the right place at the right time

A full time job was the last thing on my mind, when we came to Goa over a year ago. We moved here for the husband, primarily. I cant deny that a life in Goa was hugely tempting for me too, but its not enough reason to just put a full stop on the big city life and pick up and move. Just like that. Like everyone was asking us, “What’s the plan?”, “Why a small town?”, “Why step away form corporate life?”

There had to be a reason. Compelling enough to throw it all away and downsize life. For us, it was an almost too good to be true job opportunity. Our very own miraculous bolt out of the blue. So yes, while we moved for the husband, and I merely tagged along by default, I did so very willingly. Because while I had a job that was challenging, exciting, decently-paying and totally up my alley, the husband had a boring, staid and thankless one. And it was sapping the life out of him with every passing day. It didn’t help that it paid him peanuts and he needed desperately to break out of that rut and do something he loved. For something that would love him back.

So, quite honestly, the real bait was this dream job. In an agency. In Goa. I could go on and on about the intricacies of the decision that we went over in detail, but the truth is that in the moment, the husband did what any smart person in the right mind would do. He listened to his gut and did as it told him. And it has since been nothing but a dream come true.

What has ensued is wholly a product of an unbelievable perfect fit of circumstances and the husband’s willingness to make the most of it. That the office sometimes seems too good to be true, would be an understatement. Its wonderful what a perfect combination of openness to ideas and the ability to let people hold the reins to discover themselves and make their dreams come true, can do. The transformation I have seen in him is precisely that. I have seen him come out of the “follower” shell, and be a “doer”. A leader. A people-person, like he really is. Someone committed to doing things hands-on, to his fullest utmost best. His determination is beyond amazing. Sometimes I don’t know where he gets the energy to keep going. In situations where I have long given up, I see him trudging along, painstakingly, ignoring the nagging issues that we all face. Seeking that silver lining.

He has turned into someone who cares for others around him, someone who is humanly interested in how his teammates are doing, how his boss is feeling, if he’s had a tough day reaching out, bonding with his colleagues over cigarettes and chai. The truth is he was always that kind of person. Outgoing, warm, considerate, yearning to take the lead, manage a bunch of people. But the culture and atmosphere that lets people willing to take the lead, really take the lead, has made all the difference.

So yes, we did come here for the husband. Yes, I merely followed. But to see him shine like he is, is worth everything that we seemingly sacrificed. To watch him give so much of himself to something he really loves, makes it all worth it. To have been able to come closer to living the perfect life, can never be matched. Of course the beach, the easy life, the copious amounts of togetherness and the all the rest, is just a bonus.


6 thoughts on “Of being in the right place at the right time

  1. It sounds really nice to have a job where you can be in your element and I totally get how this new job looks. Kudos to you for being supportive and letting him take the chance.


  2. Babushka

    Am glad at least you’re living the life you want to, in one way or the other :) makes such a difference.

    On a more random and completely bizarre note, I dreamt (I dunno how!!) that I was traveling and I bumped into you and your husband at the airport…and that you guys were off to some place as well…with extremely vibrant and colourful yellow luggage! The nice VIP bags kinds. It’s the bags that really caught my attention :P

    Yes, bizarre (but happy) is the word.


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