My very own American Beauty moment

Indoors, its too gloomy to work.

Outdoors, its too pretty to work.

Talk about a catch-22.

Im sitting outside, ostensibly working. Because the room gets unbelievably gloomy and the air clogs up, stifling me and making it impossible to work. Leave alone, feel creative. So I shift base, take myself and my laptop downstairs. And pretty soon the rain comes down. In waves of lacy downpour, shimmering as it reaches the ground. Its too too pretty to ignore. Almost too pretty to take.

Such beauty. Makes it impossible to focus on the task at hand.

Here’s a new productivity killer for you. Too much beauty in the world.


And for those of you who have absolutely no idea why this post is titled what it is, and why Im complaining about the beauty around me, here’s one of my most favourite scenes from one of my all time favourite movies:


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