After the rain has fallen

Some days, from the moment go, you just know its going to be a trying day. A test of patience, tolerance, acceptance, surrender.

A reminder that sometimes I fall so short. That my bank of patience, tolerance, acceptance and surrender needs replenishment. That I must try and develop this all, really quick. For my own sanity. Because life is much easier when you accept, let go, move on.

Today is one of those days when every conversation around me is pissing off. Perhaps its some baggage form yesterday (which featured an occurrence that makes for a whole post in itself), but yes, there’s no getting around the fact that today I’m being tested.

Listen up, Mr Tester.

It’s Friday and I would really like to get through the day peacefully and head into my weekend with a smile on my face. Is that really too much to ask for?

Begging for some respite,
Revati (minus the cells that are rapidly getting chewed off my brain)

*rushes off to go admire the scene downstairs*

*reminds herself that she is lucky and must stop feeling sorry for herself*

*quickly realises that such days come too rarely for her to even remember*


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