Meet Thursday, the new Friday

Its happened consistently for 4 weeks now. The week being the 5th. The days are whizzing by faster than I can keep track, and every Thursday I find myself in a bubble that can only best be described as the Friday Feeling.

Come Thursday, and I get those pangs of wanting to sleep in, wishing the week would miraculously end one day short, leaving work on the dot of 6, rushing home to tend to all the chores I have put away every day of the week.

I begin to mentally switch off.

Unable to focus and give anything my all, I start making mental plans for the weekend, and get altogether lost in what its going to be like. Unless the task at hand involves ludicrous amounts of excitement and induces incomparable enjoyment, I’m like a monkey with ADD. Restless, fidgety, easily distracted, trying so hard to keep it together and get on with the day’s agenda.

And then you have a day like today. The rain hasn’t stopped in what feels like forever. Its glorious outside. And almost serendipitously, this track comes on:

Perfectly timed + a perfectly moving voice that wanders around effortlessly + rain-inducing notes + the sarangi = instant goosebumps. I declare it the end of the day, surrendering myself to iTunes and the repeat button. That’s it folks, this one had me. It had me good and sent me straight into music heaven. I’m never coming back, by the way. I doubt I can recover form something I keep subjecting myself to. Its all I’ve listened to since.

So it’s true, Thursday is the new Friday. And I wonder what it means. Has my tolerance for the week gone down a notch or two? Have I become so easily distracted and detached that I can’t even get through 5 days without feeling like I desperately need the weekend? Perhaps a change is in order. Either I straighten up my ways and suck it up for just 5 days a week, or I do something about it and liven up things for myself.

Now which one is it going to be?

PS: This was half-written in a fit of inspiration yesterday, but edited and posted today. Hence the lag. Kindly adjust maadi.


3 thoughts on “Meet Thursday, the new Friday

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