Saturday satisfaction

There are those who cook with precision, following recipes to the T, not faltering on ingredients and proportion. Where the process is somewhat a science, of coming together of precisely the right selection of ingredients, at an optimum temperature, resulting in an amalgamation to create something unique.

And then there are those who cook with a flourish. Going with the flow. Where ingredients get thrown in from time to time, on a whim, based on the need to try something new or even just be really brave and adventurous.

I belong to the latter kind. Mostly because ever since I began cooking, I have always been fond of experimenting with flavours, adding things based on what I feel like at that point in time, or on a gut feeling that a combination of flavours might work well.

A lot of what I am cook comes from the many endless conversations about food, recipes shared and tips exchanged with with PK, friend, inspiration and co-foodie. And while ago, I made her super quick Thai Peanut Noodles. It was yummy, but had that somethings-missing feeling, mostly because I used regular sugar instead of brown, skipped the beansprouts and it was my 1st attempt. More recently I tried making it again, this time with a few more additions and variations, based on what I thought was missing in the Thai flavour. Here’s where I went with my gut and added in Tamarind and Jaggery in addition to the lime and soya sauce. The result was divine.

So yesterday, post cleaning frenzy, I repeated this experiment and it was delish. What I love about this recipe is how it involves just chopping, grinding, putting together, with the noodles that just take about 5-7 minutes to cook al dente. Making it an awesome lunch for days when your entire morning is consumed in things more important, leaving you with very little time to get lunch done and ready.

A while ago I realised that cooking is like chicken soup for my soul. It always makes everything better. Soothes, relaxes, destresses, makes happy, brings joy, leaves me feeling satisfied. And this is proof.

It also helped that my day was spent setting the house back in order, cooking this lunch, going off to see the post-rain splendour that is Chorao Island and then rushing home to whip up dinner that was a steaming corn and veggie pulao and my very first attempt at Semiya Payasam. And that makes for a whole other post in itself.

Satisfaction, guaranteed.


2 thoughts on “Saturday satisfaction

  1. Thanks for the credits Reva! And I do agree that the jaggery & tamarind add to this recipe. Since I don’t have this recipe written down per se, it sort of changes everytime I make it too. Sometimes, a touch of coconut milk also finds it’s way in there!! (What AK doesn’t know can’t hurt him)!!


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