Stop. Relax. Go.

After five weeks of watching people in the office and around me fall like nine pins to the flu that’s doing the rounds (and feeling mighty proud that I haven’t had a flu that bad in about two years), I have finally succumbed to it.

It started with a wretched itchy tight throat, and a burning nagging fever of 99. And slowly went into a full blown sore throat, fever, body ache and severe tiredness. The kind of flu that can only be allayed with two big bowls of mushroom soup, addictive cough syrup, a strong paracetamol and getting under two blankets. Ah, sweet sweet drugged slumber, it’s been forever since I last experienced that.

I can’t tell if its the weather that’s oscillating like a frenzied pendulum between bursts of extreme sunshine and scorching heat, to stormy weather and beautiful grey skies. Or the Saturday that I spent spring cleaning, which probably resulted in me inhaling a kilo of dust (therefore spurring the infection). Or if the random loafing in the sun and running in and out of the air conditioning on Monday, interspersed by all too many iced drinks (Mojitos on Sunday afternoon, beer on Sunday evening, icy fresh lime sodas on Monday and the most disgusting Margarita ever. Right, yes, that’s a lot of ice). Its probably all of the above.

But what’s interesting is this. It’s a lesson in not wishing for things on a whim. Because I think unconsciously we will a lot of things into happening. Sometimes not in the best, most enjoyable way. When I woke up on Tuesday not feeling my best, wishing that somehow I could extend my long weekend, but quickly reminded myself of the pile of work that was looming large, someone, somewhere, was listening to me. Because the bug got progressively worse. By 6 pm I couldn’t keep my eyes open, and looking into my laptop felt like I had hundreds of pins behind my pupils.

So when I wished for a day off to recuperate, I didn’t wish for the sore throat form hell. And all his evilest buddies accompanying him. But on the other hand, this is probably my body just giving up, and begging me to slow down, asking me to enjoy my weekends really chilling out, asking me to go easy on what I eat and drink.

Either ways, I’m glad I stayed in today. Because when you’re downing your third cup of chai, watching a balcony full of rain, its hard not to listen. It’s hard not to forget that you’re ill. And its hard not to let go, sleep in, and let your body get the rest it needs.


6 thoughts on “Stop. Relax. Go.

  1. aargh. It is painful being properly down on a sick day off. The ideal combo is a light tiredness but nothing that will come in the way of lazing around. But as you said, you don’t always get what you wish for. Get back on your feet soon!

    1. All said and done, I cant deny the fact that the 2 day break from work was much-needed and thoroughly enjoyed :D
      Im much better now, thanks Anita!

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