Nursing my Mocha as the rain sweeps the world away

Its the kind of day when the rain just wont stop. Its been coming down in sheets, pelting the earth for about a week now. Bullets of heavy rain, battering everything in its way, leaving it all helplessly rainswept.

Its the kind of day that calls for..Cafe Mochas! Home made, steaming hot and perfect for the kind of day when you want to kick back, put your feet up, take it all in and just sigh. It really doesnt get much better than this.

As you can see, I’m all recovered from the flu. And feeling close to peachy. Down to donning a pink t-shirt post my really long and luxurious 5pm Sunday shower. Its been one helluva lazy weekend. Almost bordering on a non weekend, because we spent most of it indoors, just being lazy and letting the incessant rain be the excuse for not getting out and doing anything. Except for dinner last night, and to the market this morning.

Its the kind of day when the rain just wont stop. Its the kind of day that calls for Cafe Mochas. Because there really is no other way to enjoy the view outside, feel so grateful for where you are. At the end of an almost home-bound, rainswept weekend, and still not feel bored, stifled and inadequate. There really is no better way to soak in the moment and store away the memory, than to enjoy it with coffee, chocolate, rediscovered old music and great company.

The husband is missing, though. The new bike has given him a new sense of adventure. The kind that tempts you to take your bike out for a ride on a rainy, stormy day. Almost as if on call, the doorbell has just rung. The husband has walked in drenched to the bone, albeit in a raincoat. It’s time to go share the Mocha warmth. Because clearly, there’s a whole lot more rain to come.


6 thoughts on “Nursing my Mocha as the rain sweeps the world away

  1. You bet! Surreal is the word! This morning, aunty was teaching D “Man harva” and I was like – “Is this really happening?” It felt so strange! Goa visit shall happen! And you should come to California with your amma the next time she visits! (If I allow her to go back, that is :P)


  2. What a lovely post! I really miss the tropical thunderstorms – no rains here come close to those cosy chai-pakoda type moments. But Haathi, we’re having a FANTABULOUS time with your mom right now!! :D


    1. I know! I keep hearing updates, and it all seems so surreal!
      When are you visiting me in Goa?! I’ll give you all the tropical thunderstorms you want hehehe


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