What the fish?!

Its been a WTF kind of morning. One thing after another, flying at me, surprising the crap out of me, not leaving me with enough time to digest what just happened, or even think about what I need to do next.

On days like this, I wish I had a placard to hold up for every time when I am tempted to react with a vehement and almost-violent WTF. It would just be so much easier to have a board, or a neon sign that I can just turn on. And it can blink: WTF.

Yes, like that. Just like that.

For every time I get weird, unsubstantiated feedback.
For every time a client behaves condescendingly.
For every time I receive an unacceptable tone of communication from a client.
For every time I wonder why I keep coming back to this thankless industry.
For every time I an foxed by the client-agency relationship, and the fine line between providing services and being slaves.
For every time I’m asked to add a personal touch to my writing, and then get slammed for being “poetic”. (Though, this time to be fair, I must say I don’t think my client knows what she meant when she said “poetic”. Poor her. Even so, WTF!)
For every time I ask myself how come the inspiration has gone dry.
For every time I have an epiphany and realize that my most inspired writing is for everything non-work.

So really, someone just hand me that placard. So I can save energy. Save myself the heartache and pain on days like this. Because clearly, I don’t learn from past experience. And clearly, I need that board now, more than ever. So help me God.


12 thoughts on “What the fish?!

  1. I like the idea of a placard. Infact, I would upgrade it to a blue neon sign with pink wiring around it, with a button I can press to light up the sign.

    But seriously, think in any client-facing job the WTF feeling can never be wished away.


  2. Praerna

    Lend that placard to me once in a while. I share your pain on the subject and, sadly, I feel like it’s always going to remain uphill in this regard :(

    In the meanwhile, lots of hugs for you. Sending some banoffee love your way too!!


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