Slice of life

How much or how little I like/love/am indifferent to a movie, depends wholly on how much of it stays with me. And by it I mean that something that tends to linger. Something that sticks, finding a deep dark corner in the recesses of your mind, resonating every now and then, and often coming back at the most unexpected time, making you chuckle, laugh, feel moved, stagger, feel touched, give you goose bumps. And the number of those moments that I take back, are usually what decides if I have enjoyed a movie.

So I have a confession to make. The past few days there’s something that I’ve gone back to over and over. On blogs I frequent, in youtube videos I hunt for, in desperate google searches for translations…

I’m afraid that in my haste to diss ZNMD, for its dull and lukewarm attempt to send out a message about living life to the fullest, I might have just forgotten to mention the one thing that actually seems to have stayed with me. Perhaps the only bright spark in the movie, lines that made me smile, go wow, and walk out only to come back and look for them online. In those lines I found a lot that resonated with what I’m feeling these days. In those lines, I found respect. For putting in such simple words, feelings that usually dodge and escape you before you can make sense of them.

I’m talking about the poetry. Some of it gave me goose bumps, some left me a little lost for words. At one point, I had a lump in my throat. And while some call it cliché, something about the simple truths penned in those lines got to me, making me relive parts of these lines everyday, in some form or the other.

To say I felt inspired to live life again, would be an exaggeration. Because that’s where the movie failed. Where the poetry was spot on and powerful, the plot, dialogues and acting let it down. The lines were like an afterthought, thrown in to beef up an otherwise unsubstantial, lazy plot and story.

So yes, I didn’t enjoy the movie as a whole. But I completely loved and re-loved the poetry. Thank you Javed Akhtar and Farhan Akhtar, for giving the film its single redeeming factor, and touching me ever so gently. Nudging me to look within, so much so, that I decided to give what I think is the best poem of the lot, a translation.

There is this feeling, toying within
Unheard, only seen in silent glances.
Sometimes you, sometimes from me,
begs for words, to wrap itself, embrace my voice, and be heard.
But, it is just a feeling.
A lingering fragrance, without a voice
And we both know, it’s no secret,
but a strange mystery, this.

How many of you can claim to never have felt this way?

The rest of the it too, seemed to just put in words what I feel about life. About freedom, happiness, choosing what one wants to make of life, living it to the very best, doing what feels right in the moment, and always following your heart. The words just came together so beautifully, that I couldn’t help but feel like I walked straight into a breath of fresh air.

I think the simple honest truth is what really hit home, crept beneath my skin and clung on tight. This one still gives me goose flesh, because the feeling it describes is still so fresh in my mind. I shut my eyes and I can feel it, just like I have so many times before.


2 thoughts on “Slice of life

  1. Yes, some of the poetry in that movie was very well written even if the movie itself was not brilliant. Funnily enough, the one line that I have been quoting is not from the nice poetry but from Farhan Akthar’s corny dialogue ‘Koshish karna hamara karthavya hai’. Said with a perfectly straightface in a seemingly hopeless situation to make you look less stupid and more earnest :)


    1. He was pretty funny actually. But thats the thing, the movie had everything to make it a pretty decent fun watch, but it just remained separate segregated pieces, that failed to come together..tsk tsk..
      What to do.. Koshish karna hamara kartavya hai!


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