Back in the kitchen

So there’s cooking. The kind of thing one does to ensure 3 square meals a day.

But then if you’re like me, your life is a series of starts and stops of trying to get yourself into a routine to ensure those 3 square meals. Every single day.

If you’re like me, very often you’d have a fridge full of vegetables going stale, because you’re getting home way too late to cook them.

Often you’d resort to eating at “Peep’s Kitchen”, or “Soft Rock”, or some such nonsense, dousing your esophagus in oil and spices, because you don’t have the energy to get home and begin an ordeal in the kitchen.

Often you’d willingly give into guilty cravings and dash off to eat biryani, or order that thin crust pepperoni pizza.

Often you’d make a meal of Maggi, simply because its quick and painless, can be consumed in a jiffy and you can be in bed and asleep in no time at all.

But yeah, there’s cooking. Something I enjoy, but given current circumstances, cannot get myself to fall into a routine and follow it diligently.

Then there’s inspired cooking. The kind of thing one indulges in. To de-stress. To feel happy. To create. To love. To share. To enjoy.

And that’s just what I did this weekend, in a burst of inspiration and the need to once again set myself on track.

Simple ingredients, inspired cooking. Simple intentions, wonderful results.

Go check it out for yourself!



And here!


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