Guest appearance

After many months of claiming he wants to cook..

After many months of dying to eat his mother’s steamed fish..

And after many months of wanting to muck around in my kitchen, unsupervised..

It’s finally happened.

My kitchen had a surprise visitor take over for a day.

It was like a baby who skipped crawling, falling, walking and went straight to running. Considering all he’s ever made me is tea, toast and eggs, this was a fancy-shmancy step up. He started his culinary adventures with his mother’s version of Patrani Macchi. Right form calling her to take down the recipe, running off to the super market to pick his freshly cut and deboned fish, to making it step by step, with very little assistance from me, this was all him. Every step of the way.

Talk about skipping steps and going straight for the win. I didn’t expect a miracle because its not like him to labour over anything, especially in the kitchen. So I patiently waited. And what a pleasant surprise it was: a day I thought would never come. A meal cooked by the husband. A yummy meal that tells me I can now kick back rest assured that he can take over the kitchen sometimes.

And me? What did I do? I just made a salad to go with it. Sat back, stuffed face with patrani macchi. And humble pie.

That’s it, I’m officially retiring from the kitchen now.


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