Time, its on my side

Its kind of fitting to be listening to this song on a wet, squelchy, moody day like today. I’m lying in a bundle in my bean bag, and I don’t want to move. I just want to listen to this song. On repeat. It’s so trippy, wind-y and just feels right. The quick trip back home was like a teaser, and all I can think about is going home. I feel a bit like a homesick alien.

I think, that of all the things we take for granted, time is probably the most critical. Because it ticks on silently, taking away something that we have so much of, yet can never be replenished. It passes on silently, making the days, weeks, months and years trickle away before we realise. Only to sit up and notice when we have those ever familiar reality checks.

Like when fb throws up photo memories of a time long gone by.

Like when I visited home after a long time and realised just how long its been.

Like when another birthday, anniversary and date to remember rolls along.

Like when I meet teenagers and 20-somethings and realise how different I was at the age.

Like when I struggle to finish my workout and realise that my stamina is not what it was even 2 years ago.

Like when I hear my sister joke about how “old” my parents are getting.

Like when I rummage through my hard disk and find images and music of a different time and I realise how far I’ve come.

And so much more…

We’re always giving up on time, letting it go so easily, wasting it away doing many things that don’t really add up in the end. When we’re too busy making plans for the future, earning money and securing a better tomorrow, and life tends to just happen on the side. This week I had several reality checks, and I think its time to stop sitting and letting time pass me by. Its time to do things.


13 thoughts on “Time, its on my side

  1. akshay

    tru dat.

    i spent the last two days listening to 90s rap and 80s and 90s Hindi music. Complete with music videos.

    Times have changed, and they truly are strange.


    1. We’ll mine arent getting “old” in an aging sort of way, but yes I shudder to think what it might feel like when that begins to happen. I find that more than wanting to run away from time thats racing against you, its the acceptance of the passage of time thats harder..sigh.


  2. Babushka

    Yeah tell me about it! So much to do, see, experience and make a part of our lives/routine and yet somehow, time’s just what we run out of often.

    It’s got me thinking why…


  3. Ranjan Atreya

    Hmm true only man this is…my list from the start of the year is still the same…things really need to get going now..but awesome song :)


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