Tangled up in gray

The monsoons have made a glorious comeback after subsiding ever so slightly in the second week of August. Now its coming down in long spells and cloudbursts like the Rain God has gathered a large army and psyched them into raining down hard and long, like their lives depend on it. Its been on, pretty much nonstop since Sunday now. Like its the Rain Gods’ their last chance ever to show us what they’ve got.  I can’t remember the last time we had some sunshine.

As a result, we find ourselves amid a continuous feeling of dampness. Pillows are mildewy, linen is damp, towels don’t dry. And dont even get me started on the perennially damp pile of clothes that’s laid out neatly on the floor of my second bedroom. In the hope that it will somehow dry. The to-be-done pile of laundry just keeps growing. But the done, dried and to-be-put away batch needs to make way. If only the skies would hold up for a bit and give me some sunshine. Literally.

What this sort of continuous rain also does, I’m told, is build moisture which is a great place for bugs and viruses. So I contacted my 4th strange bug for the year. This time in my digestive tract. Iv officially declared 2011 as a bad health year for me, because Iv been victim to an assortment of irritating and rather odd conditions. Nothing major, just strange things, the latest being a patch of eczema on my face. Only to have the doctor tell me its a genetic condition that surfaces when external conditions such as weather and climate give it a chance to. So yeah, 25 years I didn’t know I had such a devil hiding beneath the surface. I move to glorious Goa and he decides to come out and show his true colors. I guess there had to be something that I can put on the minuses of being in Goa. So this would be one of them blasted eczema triggering maniacal rain.

The other thing thats realllllllly hard to do in the monsoon is wake up on time. With the clouds constantly gathering over, the grayness and the sun refusing to rise till almost 7 am, I find its easier to hit snooze repeatedly rather than wake up and see the non-esixtent sunshine. The husband and I stay under our covers in the hope that the day will just pass by and we can stay there forever.

People ask me what the monsoon has been like in Goa. And I wax on and on about how everything is just so beautiful. How its the most gorgeous time of year to be here. Sure I love the freshness, and the greenery and the beauty of it all. But after three months when the sun began to creep up again, I was quite happy. Until we swung right back into the throes of the second phase!

So when I finally drag my sorry fat ass out of bed, I go out into the balcony to take my slightly damp towel off the line before I head in to shower. But I do take a moment to pause, breathe in deeply and look at the view I wake up to day after day:

I could get used to this, um, beauty. Its gorgeous and all, but for once, I want to say screw the beauty. Screw the greenery and the lush open outdoors. I need some normalcy to return.

I’d really like the clothes to dry so I don’t have to dip into the lot I stashed away for a reason. I’d really like my home to smell fresh again, just like a home ought to. I’d really like to be able to eat out without being tormented by the thoughts of bugs and germs swimming around in my digestive tract. And oh, I’d really like waking up in the morning to feel like morning again. For the life of me, give me some sunshine. Rain Gods, if you’re listening, now would be a good time to call it a day. Now. Like today.


4 thoughts on “Tangled up in gray

  1. Ah, I love Goa in the rains. Which is a nice statement to make when you are not drying your clothes on the floor :)

    Bombay has been getting its share this week as well. But since this is possibly the last of it, I am being tolerant.


    1. It is lovely, but after 4 months Im kind of happy to see the sunshine :) We had 9 days of incessant rain, and the sun has finally come out today. Also, it helps that I just bought an AC in time to face the dreaded October heat, so yes Im being a bit of a snoot now :P


  2. hehehe and i dont remember the last time i saw some rain here! you miss sunshine, you need sunshine, come here and borrow some! give me the much-neededand missed RAINFALL

    It gets cloudy here and then they vanish. Its like Lagaan this year, we’ll keep dancing to Ghanan Ghanan but the rain Gods won’t bother! guess we’re not dancing that well :/

    for me, waking up is hard in winters. when its raining, i get up like *that* whatever..

    but yeah, rains and rainy weather makes me energetic, its weird. maybe because we hardly get it.

    chalo, enjoy it !


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