It’s ironic that I’m typing out a post titled “Support”, just a few days after my wedding anniversary, but no, thats not the kind of support I’m talking about here. Us women need support all the time. All kinds of support and from all quarters. Our BFFs, our mothers, siblings, significant others, colleagues, bosses. Believe it or not, from our underwear too. And that’s the kind of support I’m talking about. Because its bloody hard to find the right kind.

To make things worse, I’m picky. Just any kind of support will not do. For as long as I can remember being a bra-bearing (not burning) woman, I know I have been fussy. Its not the most favorite piece of clothing in my (or most women’s list), but since we really don’t have a choice, some of us like to make it count. Or at least be comfortable, even in its really restrictive nature. And I’m sure its the same for most other Indian women. Which is why I find it alarming that almost nobody in India makes bras the way we’d like them to be: snug, perfect, without protruding edges or seams, nice wide range to choose from, so comfortable its like a second skin kinds. Nobody does. Not in India at least.

So, for the longest time now I have had to resort to begging friends, relatives and random foreign returns (those with whom I can discuss underwear details at length, without causing either party any embarrassment) to bring me back a stash of bras. I’ve been lucky to have close friends and saviors like Priya making trips at regular intervals, so I’ve always been in good hands. She has good taste, likes happy vibrant underwear like I do (Sorry Priya, if I just gave away a tiny little secret), understands what I mean by comfortable, and has a similar body type. It helps that imported bras are made so well they last aeons before you have to force yourself to get rid of them and make way for newer, shinier, happier ones coming your way.

So I’ve always been in a good healthy supply. No more pointy cone-boobs, goodbye itchy lace and what not, adios fat ugly straps and grotesque padded nonsense. Bye-bye to all of it, and hello to comfort in warm happy prints, seamless luxury and oh boy the colours! Dont event get me started on the colours. Yes, I’m going to say it again, I’m and underwear snob. Recent events have proven it. When my mum recently returned from the US, she brought with her…yup, you got that right, some more sunshiney bras for yours truly. And I didn’t even have to ask! My regular list of requests most definitely include 3-4 bras, but this time around, I didn’t even have a list! The universe works in strange ways. What? I told you. I’m an underwear snob.


13 thoughts on “Support

  1. preethi

    i totally get this reva! gosh..what a drama it is to go lingerie shopping and ACTUALLY pick up something u like and makes u feel good! sighhhh


  2. priya

    :D i’m so happy you like my selections! even though it’s not visible to the world it makes you happy when you put on happy colors in the morning :)

  3. Black, white or skin-colour madam? salwaar kameez bra is there no…. but what if it figures that u’ll wear it inside a t-shirt and not an SK!! anyway, enough rubbish,] -i found a place in bombay which has super stuff in super colours and prints and excellent fit…yaaayy!!

    1. Yes, its nice that they have names like Juliet and Chic and that conjob LOVABLE. Disgusting doesnt begin to explain how I feel when it comes to shopping for undies. But I cant complain, since I havent personally gone bra-shopping in forEVER.

      But tell to me also where it is this place you found in Bombay? Maybe I can resort to less snobbish ways when it comes to my underwear :P

  4. I dread lingerie shopping more than anything! For the very reasons you mentioned. It takes hours of painful scrutiny/trials to find the ‘near-perfect’ one! And ironically, when I find IT, there is almost always only one piece! Sigh! And I so so agree with you on the color part! The colors in India are either too plain or cring-worthy.

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