Observations of a Tuesday-con-call kind

A 9 am con-call is not the best way to begin a Tuesday.

Or any day, for that matter. Especially not when said con-call is delayed until everyone else decides to call in from various parts of the country, while you sit there waiting wolfing down your breakfast hurriedly, irritated that you cant just get on with your day. It doesn’t help that you have a series of daunting tasks lined up and you’re just itching to get up and get going.

When the call actually does begin, you notice how geeks of the MNC kind usually have the same con-call tone of voice. They all sound the same. With that same drawn out slow unending rambling way of speaking. You tend to glaze over and the words become sounds, a rambling babble of sorts. And then you quickly shake myself out of it, remembering that this might actually be important.

Of course this is further highlighted by the fact that blasted client cannot make up his mind about what he wants, and seems to think that repeated con-calls to repeatedly state the obvious over and over again might help you understand better. Let me say at this point, that it does not make it easier. It only makes you wonder what wonderful spin he is going to put on the same spiel to make it sound different. He fails. And said calls tends to drag on longer still.

And since what is being said has been oft repeated, and is losing all originality and novelty, your mind tends to wander, meander and stagger back on course several times over. 30 minutes in and you’re wondering what the point of it all was. Hearing the same banter again? Getting a weekly dose of MNC jargon? You also wonder it these MNC types have con-call training, where they’re all taught how to perfect the con-call-face. Taut, lifeless, dull.

So yes, a 9 am con-call is not the best way to begin a Tuesday. Or any day, for that matter. And if you’re in the profession of doing something creative and thoughtful, you’ll see how something as dull and mundane as a pointless con-call can ruin your day by setting the pace a few hundred notches below what it ought to be.

Don’t believe me? Try it out and see for yourself. Dissatisfaction, guaranteed.


2 thoughts on “Observations of a Tuesday-con-call kind

    1. Thats probably true. But thankfully I dont get on enough calls to know the trend :P
      And said call was with AKs company muhuhahaha, I should check with him if they have con-call training no.. hehe

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