Poles apart

The husbands idea of making the bed:

And mine:

Yup, we’re like chalk and cheese.

Yin and yang.

Black and while.

Like I said, poles apart.


16 Replies to “Poles apart”

    1. Its cute when you see it in a blog like this. Not so much when you go home at the end of the day expecting that the husband would have listened to you when you asked ihm to make the bed before he leaves for work :(

  1. See once I organize things in a neat and clean way like you did, I can’t seem to find thigns on time.. :(

    Also, research says that beds like VC’s are better at keeping bedbugs away.

    1. Why?! Cos bugs also dont like the mess? Im going to now make sure he never sees this comment. He has a serious bed bug paranoia and this might convince him we must settle for messy beds all th time.

      1. A clean and proper bed attracts bed bugs, and they don’t like to inhabit messy beds because they think that people won’t sleep in the mess. Of course, they know little of people like VC and myself

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