Why I’m going to be MIA for a week

The twisting turns of fate have finally worked in our favor. First, we were not only able to take an entire week off, together — the husband and I, but we were also able to come to an amicable uncompromising decision about where to go. The eternal optimist (and stubborn as hell, might I add) in me was gunning hard for Europe, then Sri Lanka (I tried even until last week, when Jet Airways sent me some rock bottom fares), but the sole intention to ride out and break in the new bike had the husband steadfast on his decision. Even Bangkok seemed highly possible, with everybody going off there for cheap, and oh so many islands to choose from, but the husband stayed strong on his decision. And I complied.

Second, Hampi it is. And we’re staying in yet another restored village home-stay, across the river form the main town of Hampi, in a quaint little village called Anegundi. We have no agenda. We’re taking no entertainment/gadgets/technology. We plan to go there and figure it out off the fly. Eat, drink, sleep, ride, roam, read, draw, paint, and do some good ol photography. Should be enough to fill 4 days of unplanned unwinding, no?

Third, and most importantly: the sun is out! I woke up this morning and almost squealed, resisting the urge to sing “I-can-see-clearly-now-the-rain-is-gone” out loud. Some mornings, happiness lies in suddenly realizing that you have 10 minutes to spare before you rush off to work. And in dragging your beanbag out into the balcony, putting your feet up and looking out into the clear blue skies.

Definitely a winner, this one. With a husband so excited to ride out, come hell or high water, even a relapse of the monsoon is not likely to make him reconsider. So we’re off tomorrow morning. I wont be updating until I’m back.  So I’m leaving you with a few memories of Hampi, from my last trip. Went there with the sister and a few of her friends, and it was a complete blast :)

Over and out amigos. I’m going away on holiday. I’m looking forward to crossing the river in a coracle :

Going to the dam:

Walking to Mango Tree to have that luscious lassi:

Being surrounded by nothing but boulders and rocks that make you feel so small and insignificant:

Seeing some life and colour:

And visiting Shama in her wonderful home:

I’m going to be on the road. Wish me luck and see you on the other side folks.

PS: These pictures of Hampi were taken by the husband and I the last time we visited in 2008.


10 thoughts on “Why I’m going to be MIA for a week

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    1. Dip! You’re back!
      I hope I can get off my severely-in-need-of-a-lazy-holiday-ass and get down to taking some pictures :P Last time we went we were both novices and all enthusiastic about shooting. This time, not so much. hehehe..


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