When I last wrote about being Missing In Action, I really didn’t think it was going to be this long. This is honestly much longer than I can take, and the silence is stifling. I have much to say, share and talk about, but someone seems to have attached wheels on my heels when I wasn’t looking and I have been up and about and on the go for over 10 days now. I can’t complain, because its been fun. But I do miss the peace and quiet that I need to be able to turn my many scrawling thoughts, often jotted down in drafts on my phone even, into posts and deliver them here.

The bike ride and the holiday were both awesome. It featured lots of sleep, lots of reading, lots of music, much relaxation and much indulgence in food and fun. Though my posterior might not agree, I think I could do it again, in a blink, and 6 days was just not enough. Pictures soon!

We returned on Thursday last week, and I took off almost immediately, to Bombay. Another rushed flying visit to the mad city. But this time, for family. I went there for the screening of a brilliant documentary on the music, life, philosophy and times of my grand dad. Needless to say it was an emotional overload and I watched the entire thing through more than misty eyes. I have however come back with a stash of Ajju’s music I copied from Priya, with the express intent to bring it back into my life. For reasons not entirely in my conscious control, I seem to have let go of a lot of it, and I really do miss it. Something about being away from home and all that is inherently yours makes everything you otherwise took for granted, and everything you cant have that much fonder. It’s time to give Steely Dan a break and move on to something closer to home. Something close to my heart.

It was in Bombay that this picture was taken, with my once baby cousins and baby sister:

Looking at it now, I feel like one of those old aunties who looks at children and goes “My, my! How much you’ve grown!”. Well duh, people grow. It’s what they do, but this picture for some really made me realise it. To my left is Baby Cousin 1, who has just graduated and got himself his first job in a fancy-shmancy animations and special effects studio. To my right is Baby Cousin 2, who I swear was in a diaper and drooling all over the place just the other day. Now, he tells me he is in the 9th grade, trying very hard not to bury his nose in his text books, listening to the likes of FloRida and gelling his hair to make it stand at odd angles. And to his right is The Sister who features here a lot. She is currently shuttling between Bombay and Bangalore, having graduated from Art School. She spends her time with her eyes fixed in her little sketch book, conjuring up her next big work, with her antennae picking up every bit of inspiration. Oh, and also, she’s looking for a little-big break into the film-making world, with anyone who’s willing to take her on as an apprentice. My, my! How much we’ve grown.

And so that’s how one week just whizzed by, and yesterday I found myself crash-landing back straight into the work week. Amidst endless emails, pending briefs and picking up where I left off, I was also told that I would have to take off again. This time to Delhi. So I’m off today. Again. On a work trip. Why I’m going, I’m not entirely sure. But this should be exciting: a client I’ve never met, colleagues I’ve never travelled with, a city I haven’t visited since December 2009, friends I haven’t met since May 2010. Yes, even if just for a day, I think this one will be fun.

Hopefully somewhere in between, I will get down to doing some writing and break this silence. In the meantime, someone help me get the wheels off my heels, please?


10 thoughts on “Pitstop

    1. Dude because I’m taking a break. And because Im not on fb, I had no way to reach you.. Give number? email id? For next time Im there, I’l definitely get in touch. This time was a rushed work trip, I doubt Id have managed to meet you. More importantly, I was there on Ashtami, and Im sure YOU were super busy :P


  1. niyu

    wheels off my heels itseems! :D :Daaaaahahaha… “haii Girgitly” :D
    yes yes aunty we’v all grown. thanks indeed for telling the world im looking to apprentice.
    send the hampi picture up on the blog soon.


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