F to the R to the I.E.D

It’s true, I’m officially fried. Here’s why:

10 days of filling in and trying to be available for every content/copy requirement
Hosting various contingencies of guests at various points across the past 10 days
Cooking for Sardar boys
Doing my Diwali spring cleaning all by myself
Losing myself in an altogether unmentionable number of laundry cycles
Mistaking myself for a superhuman
Trying to be everywhere and do everything all at once
Getting my fingers into 10 different pies, for no fault of mine
Losing sleep, making do with less sleep
Staying up way past my bed time night after night to watch the crap that is Bigg Boss
Entertaining friends over meals when I should use the time unwinding
Making multiple lists of to-dos and going against the forces of nature to keep up with them
Amongst a crap load of other things.

I want this week to be over already. I’m ready for the weekend. In fact I’m ready for my next holiday. And even as the husband and I are mumbling about where and when we should take off next, I feel a sense of relief just thinking about it.

The problem with filling in for someone at work is that invariably the quantum of work that gets dumped on you is far larger than you can manage alone. It’s simple physics really. One person, doing two people’s work, in the same amount of time. It’s physically impossible. Yet, my team (me included!) seems to think this is how we need to function.

But what really comes out of it is just a lot of fatigue. Frustration. And this feeling of just being plain fried. So while I attempt to catch up with the workload by cutting myself off, getting off IM and email and staying out of reach until I get a significant amount of work done, all I really feel like doing is getting online and ranting about the way I feel.

Now you see why this isn’t working?


15 thoughts on “F to the R to the I.E.D

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  2. @ RU: yea life situation in total perspective. but still paaapa u :)
    @ Sulagna: Congrats!!! saw the little baby feet :D A pair of those stomped all over our lives a year ago…. i can totally understand!

  3. haathi i wish i could crib out aloud,maaannnn i am deprived of sleep, i need a threading, i need to eat in peace and i need to get bck to my old body…damnit…life and its twists in tale

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