Of Sundays spent in limbo

It’s been an odd kind of Sunday. The kind you want to spend staying indoors not only because its oppressively hot outside, and because you spent your Saturday in a rather inane way and are left feeling quite devoid of that weekend bliss.

Between hopping into work for a while, having a lazy long and overfilling lunch and then getting into a mother of a power cut, which we escaped by watching the most mindless Hindi movie in recent times, my Saturday melted away before I knew it. So I was determined to make up for it by staying in and being with myself today. But the irony is the Sunday panned out to be quite limbo-like. Not really doing anything, yet not really relaxing.

So I watched Pirates of the Silicon Valley. And got all emphatic about my Apple-love. The Macbook has been a faithful friend for over six months now. And on its way to my life is a brand new iPhone. While I try and summon up some passion for the work I do for Microsoft, I think its clear where my heart really lies. In the apple of my eye.

I cooked! Every weekend I align my domestic aura by trying to overindulge in everything homey. In the hope that it will set the pace for the rest of the week and I will quickly drift  into the rhythm of cooking 2 meals a day and not resort to that cheap, oily, spicy Triple Schezwan. Since Saturday was wasted, today I decided to make up.

I cat napped. Napped like a cat. In and out, again and again. And boy was it good. I think I have collected a considerable sleep-debt which needs to be sorted in coming weeks.

I went for a stroll past sundown. It was good to clear my head out, just drift and wander out all alone. The past two weeks have been crazier than some of my busiest days in Bangalore. I’m yearning for some quiet time. Just work, home and normal life. I need to take a break from socializing every evening, eating out so much and just get back to myself a little. And as usual I step into the new week, fully intending to do just that.

I indulged in some Photoshopping and hot off my experiments is this newly pressed wallpaper. You likey? I thought it was about time I got rid of the dotted condom look, which I never really liked, but never really got down to changing. So when I realized all of a sudden that its going to be five whole months since I actually moved WordPress-wards, I thought a fresh new look was in order.

To close my Sunday in perfectly bliss was the second episode of The Dewarists. A brand new attempt at making new music. I can’t say the quality of the music is mind-blowing or anything. But I’m just happy to see some freshness. Some real collaboration. Some real stories. And one tastefully made music show. The folks down at Babble Fish are doing something right. Today, they featured the lovely, superbly talented Zeb and Haniya, who I absolutely love from my days of ODing on Coke Studio. You really should catch the episode, if you didn’t already. In collaboration with Swanand Kirkire and Shantanu Moitra, they stirred up this playful and simple melody, performed at one of Mumbai’s oldest cinema halls.

If you haven’t heard the beauty that is Zeb and Haniya, here’s a sample. Something about the unblemished vocals just hits the right spot. Zeb has a certain quality of earnestness in her voice, what they call pukaar in Hindustani music. Her eyes are soulful and with the first word she utters, she gets under the skin of the melody. It’s what makes even the simplest of compositions touch you in a way even the fanciest, most embellished pieces cant. And I sense yet another trip of playing this track on repeat coming my way.

And just like that another weekend has rolled by. As I turn out the lights and draw the curtains, I really hope the peace that has just come over me takes me through the week. I hope it is less chaotic, less demanding and just plain blissful.


8 thoughts on “Of Sundays spent in limbo

  1. Amazing way to spend a Sunday, Pirates of the Silicon Valley is a brilliant movie, loved the flow. But guess what today morning I saw Steve Wozniak in ‘Dancing with the stars’ Not sure what was the logic there…

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