The only bright spot.. the shitty, shitty week it has been, is the arrival of the new phone. When I got it, the husband was convinced I’d blog about it. And I gallantly exclaimed that I have stopped blogging about every minor occurrence in my life, most of all the new phone. I suspect the phone was listening. And took this rather personally. Because he then proceeded to wow me with everything from the way he works to the things he can do and the surprises he had tucked away behind each swipe and scroll.

The last time I bought myself an Apple product, I fell in love. It’s happening again, and I can’t stop myself.

After much pining, we are together now, the object of my desire and I. My wallet has a hole burned right through it, but my heart is filled with such love right now its not funny. Clearly, this is one expensive affair.

In other news it rained last night and the clouds were gorgeous this morning. Here’s a picture I snapped right outside our home. And yes, its taken off the new phone..

All those who said money can’t buy happiness, you’ve got to try this.


8 thoughts on “The only bright spot..

  1. niyu

    ohhhoo CONGRATULATION beta! youv become a smart one
    smart phone+ reva = smartreva! nice one there.
    ehh even i want dude!
    sendd some clouds here, this side pleasee thanks thanks..

    1. Eh balls.. I was always SmartReva. The iPhone just made everything prettier, thats all :D
      And the clouds refuse to go. You will need to come here for some cloudings. Thanks, thanks.

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