A bite of red to fight the blues

There are so many questions in life to which the answer is unanimous and resounding.


Feeling blue? Dessert.

Need an energy upper? Dessert.

Post-dinner munchies? Dessert.

Post-smoke munchies? Dessert.

Want a sugar high? Dessert.

Yes, I’m talking about these questions. And any other really that you feel fits the answer. And yesterday was certainly one of those days. I needed to fight the energy lows and the Monday blues. I needed a sugar rush to perk my spirits. I needed to stuff face to make everything better. So after a whole day of sulking around in bed, I dragged myself out for some fresh air. And dessert.

I drove down to what is my newest discovery (something I am so pleased with. Panjim needs more places like it). And treated myself to this:

Then right before I walked out, I packed up half a dozen of these beauties to munch on at home:

And they worked like a charm. It’s true. When in doubt, the answer most certainly is dessert.

12 thoughts on “A bite of red to fight the blues

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