I <3 you

I don’t quite know what makes blogging so special to me. Why do I keep coming back for more? Why is it almost an addiction? What is this need to constantly get online, spew my self obsessed 2bit and keep it going?

A recent lunchtime dialogue about how the openness of blogdom has made every Chetan, Bhagat and Chintan a self proclaimed writer got me thinking. Is a non-editorial platform really so bad?

For me, I think its a wild mixture of the liberation of letting freewheeling thoughts take shape and the fact that there really are no expectations from the blog. No audience to cater to. No judgement (at least none that I care for). The blog is a strictly me-space, in all its self-obsessed glory. It’s where I can wax eloquent about all the things I really care about, whether or not anyone cares to listen, read or pay heed. Unlike the writing that helps me make a living, where every word is scrutinized by clients, twisted and tailor-made to carry the weight of potentially enticing some bakra to take action. Prompt a move. Buy buggy software thats pretending to be really good for you, visit an online store, donate to save a bunch of needy children..you get the drift.

But here, the only audience really is me. I write for me. To give my thoughts; silly, serious, funny, negative as they may be; some shape. This blog lets me wander with my thoughts, brings articulation and a strange kind of peace. Simply by letting me say things as they are. It helps me make sense of what I feel, and when I’m lucky some of you who read my ramblings, identify with it and take the trouble to share what you think, I get an added perspective. But thats just what’s beautiful about it. Over the last few weeks I’ve whined about how overworked and tired I am. And so many of you have kindly left suggestions and wishes for things to ease up. Even in its layered virtual way, it brings me closer to likeminded people. It forms a bridge between my thoughts and those of others who might have been in the same place some time.

For me this little space really is a me space, and it gives me an almost meditative kind of me time. In recent time though its brought focus to me writing, introduced me to some friends and connected me with a whole different world online. I have over 80 blogs on my reader and I follow them religiously.

I’m no hot shot writer. And sure this is as non-editorial and inconsequential as it gets. But I love this little space we have here. Where we can have a chat whenever I please. No strings. No expectations. Just the words the way I intend them to be. Thank you blogdom. I heart thee.


7 thoughts on “I <3 you

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      1. Blogging is not merely writing , it is much more it is a form of catharsis for the individual human soul, it is a holistic science it is primal force not frivolous it is poetry requires no idiom, you are a good writer , so blogging comes easy, there others who stammer stutter grope for words , and after some time the blog guides them paving a path I was never a writer or a poet I hate grammar syntax two fundamental pillars but I moved on with the power of the photo blog.. it could be wordless and yet it became a para a sentence and also blank verse..

        Take Care
        Wish you the very best your writings should encourage others come out of the closet of loneliness blog be shared ..

  2. I agree with everything except the lack of audience or expectations. if there was really no audience ever then you would write in a journal and not post it in a public forum

    i think the difference with blogging is that its a private journal exposed. and i think the expectations set are by the writer, not the reader.

    1. Oh I didnt mean there is no audience at all. Sure its nice to put my writing out there and have this handful if people come read share. What I did mean was that the nature of the audience doesnt dictate what I write about. As far as my writing goes, the blog has no rules. And thats the exact opposite of the writing I do to make a living. And funnily its what makes the blog special for me.

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